The Ultimate Guide To Get Traffic From Reddit

How much do you know about the “the front page of internet”? Yes, that’s the slogan of Reddit and it should be said that Reddit is a miscellaneous baggage of computer nerdiness, social commentary, cool links, and fascinating news. Now, doesn’t it seem like a good place to advertise your websites? Well, there is a minority which acknowledges Reddit as an awesome platform to increase a website’s traffic. In addition of being an impressive community, the site can offer you massive number of hits in a short span of time as well as provide quality hype and followers amidst countries like UK, USA and Canada.

In this article, I am here to share some facts about Reddit and make you more aware about this awe-inspiring website.

Reddit: Defined

Reddit was launched in 2005 and since then, it has been a growing platform for entertainment, news and social sharing. The name “Reddit” is derived from two English words- Read and Edit. Reddit’s users term themselves as Redditors which again follows the same fashion of amalgamation of words- Reddit and Editors.

Up-votes (thumbs up) and Down-votes (thumbs-down) decide ranking of your submissions in Reddit. Besides this, if your comments get upvoted, it will gain you comment karma and if your link gets upvoted, it earns you link karma. Correlatively, your link and comment karmas will acquire you more authority in Reddit and correspondingly will increase your upvotes on your link.

Reddit got its limelight during its joint venture with Mars Curiosity Rover Mission in its AMA program.

Reddit Statistics

Why Should You Use Reddit (better than other networks)

Reddit is a rapidly growing social networking site where you can submit a variety of content ranging from web 2.0 to entertainment and fun posts. You just have to stick to some rules which will help you get more traffic to your website. So, why should you choose Reddit over other social networking sites?

Tips to remember while using Reddit

How to Kick-Start your Reddit Journey

●     Create a Reddit account and verify it through your email

  1. Go to and register yourself with a real name or name connected to the topic you want to discuss.
  2. Now verify your account through your email address. If you do not receive a mail, you can also verify your account by going to this link

●     Share something interesting to gather 100 link karmas

  1. You cannot post a link unless you have 100 link karmas in your Reddit account. So, share some amazing and unique images or posts which can be an instant hit amongst people. If you want to check whether your shared image is unique, you can try Make sure you submit your posts in the right subreddit. (example of shared image on Reddit needed)
  2. Hence, wait for those link karmas and then you can promote your link.

●     Submit your content in the right subreddit

  1. It is very important to choose the correct subreddit or else you might get banned in Reddit.
  2. For help, you can visit The contains all subreddits you can find in Reddit and hence you can easily choose the subreddit you want.
  3. After finding your channel, gather 20 upvotes in an hour to place your submission at your hot news category so that your content gets maximum exposure. With Reddit, you can get many visits in a limited amount of time.

Strict NO to these things

You can only create 3 accounts per IP address.

Note:- However, if you are a service provider managing multiple clients, you can use this method to create more than 3 accounts (not meant for any black hat activities).

To create more accounts using same IP address, use VPN. You can use VPN and manage up to six accounts.


Most Desirable Topics on Reddit

To Exchange Upvotes, Try These Facebook Groups

Extension for browsers to switch to different accounts

http://redditenhancementsuite.comAdd this extension to your browser. This extension is also available at the bottom part of your account as well. You can add every account you own to this extension. It will result in better management of your accounts.

Note:- Reddit only allows 3 accounts per IP. so if you want to add other accounts as well, use a proxy.

One Gmail Account for all your Reddit accounts

Using different Gmail accounts for Reddit accounts can be frustrating. So, you can use this method to use a single Gmail account for all your Reddit accounts.

Total Recall

Please share your valuable experience with Reddit on the comments below. Wish you a great day ahead!

How Snapchat Is Going To Change Your Business (Reasons And Tips Inside!)

I may sound like a moron calling Snapchat as a great medium for business. Well, content that lasts only for 10 seconds and doesn’t even look convincing as Twitter or Facebook for marketing purposes. True, Snapchat doesn’t seem like a good business breeding ground, at least for many business owners! But on the contrary, Snapchat is proving out to be a great businesses platform to many well-known brands. And if you want to connect well with your customers, you need it too. I tell you why I think so. Read On!

Reasons Why You Require It

Lenses and Computer Vision

Before we move further into knowing how to create following through Snapchat, I think you need to know how technically fabulous Snapchat is.

Snapchat did not start well when it came to coding aspects. The app consumed CPU resources even when it was not used. But with 2.0 version, things really changed.

Snapchat Lenses and Computer Vision

They are great tools to make your snaps more interesting. It applies real time filters and sounds. So, what’s amazing about them? First of all, let me tell you that it requires great coding aspects to map your face real time. The technology is called ‘computer vision’. The technology facilitates the app to look at your face and detects your facial expressions. It outlines the expressions and takes account of the factors such  distance of your face from the camera, expressions you pull out and the direction you are staring.

Things you need to perform:-

Creating Your Following on Snapchat

Now, you would be thinking the ways to use this treasure that you were missing out till now? Well, Snapchat is a pretty simple game. Here are the things that you have to do:-

The motto is to provide maximum exposure to your content so that it acquires maximum engagement.

Awesome Snapchat Marketing Strategies for Your Business

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time that you upgrade your marketing campaign with Snapchat. But, you can’t just dive in unprepared. You need a solid strategy to follow and gain the maximum out from the platform. Here, are some tips which you can employ to foster your business instantly.

1. Post Regularly

The rule applies not only to Snapchat but any social media platform that provides highest engagement. Hence, never miss to post. Ideally, posting twice a day will certainly bring up opportunities for your business. Your main focus should revolve around indulging your audience into your experiences and make them feel that they were with you.

2. Make Peace With The Limits

Yes, a 10 second long video or image can seem heart-breaking to marketers. But, that’s the essence of Snapchat and the proof of its acceptance lies in 301 million users Therefore, now the question stays what should you do to engage your prospects? Create a goddamn cool image or video of 10 seconds! Your content should be interesting enough to attract audience in 10 seconds.

3. Reveal Your Personality

People really love to connect with people they love and follow. Hence, this is your chance to build a strong relationship with your target audience. Many brands have worked out this phenomenon and reaped the benefits. Snapchat endorses human connection and thus, depicting a story and speaking directly to your crowd will build trust with your customers.

4. Share On Other Platforms

You don’t have feeds in Snapchat and it is difficult to search for new followers. But, you can circulate your content on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram Google+ etc.

5. Keep Posting

3 billion snaps per day and 166 million daily users (opportunities), you have got every reason to move along with Snapchat. Keep moving ahead.


1. Recruiting Top Talent:

If you are hiring, you can spread the news efficiently via Snapchat advertising. You can take the example of AOL who used Snapchat to hire women staff by posting video snaps on the web that reached 17 million views and 8 million users.

2.Organizing Contests or Providing Offers:

Again, Snapchat is a great medium to organize contests that promotes your brand image. For example, Grubhub conducted a one-week scavenger hunt called as ‘Snaphunt’. They posted different challenges daily which increased their followers by 20%.

I’m sure that Snapchat is much more than a snap-sharing tool for you and you would have got an idea about how to start with Snapchat. Now, you can go out and research for some brands in your niche that are making it large from their business Snapchat accounts. You can take some serious lessons from their Snapchat marketing strategies and give your business a kickstart.

Names like eMarketer have already forecasted Snapchat as the next big thing to watch out in the marketing arena. Thus, now it’s your turn to make hay while the sun shines. Believe me, it will be time well spent.

Have a splendid Snapchat marketing journey!



The Beginner’s Guide to Get 1000+ Views on YouTube

There is no use of stacking up videos on your YouTube channel if there is no one to watch it. And this applies to all marketers who are trying to acquire some results through their YouTube marketing campaign. Hence, if you are in the league of marketers who want better conversions, and sales through YouTube views but struggling to get some, here is an article that will give some important tips about improving your YouTube views.

Note:- Before we start let me tell you that the motto of increasing the number of views is being able to convert those views into your customers.

Make a Video That Has Searches

I know that this point may sound vague but it is really important to create a content that has searches.

A valuable video will naturally gain more views. Such videos can be used to provide notifications of your offers. At the end of video, you can say like- “to know more about the technique in the video download the PDF”.

Now, let’s say if you have 4000 views on a video, even a part of views downloading your PDF and getting converted as your email list (viewers have to enter their email address to download the service) is an awesome deal.

Thus, it is important to get more views and convert them into leads for your business.

How Do You Get the Views?

There are certain ways through which you can actually increase your views organically. Let me list them down for you:-

1. Through Social Media

It is your network that you have on your social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2. Through Increasing Subscriptions

A. YouTube Widgets

If you have a blog that already attracts good amount of visitors, you can use YouTube widgets to increase subscribers and views on your YouTube channel.

How can you do it?

Just copy and paste this code above your YouTube username in the HTML code of your blog:-

<iframe id=”fr” src=” Username here” style=”overflow: hidden; height: 105px; width: 300px; border: 0;” scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″></iframe>

B. Through Constant Interaction

You should constantly interact with your viewers who comment on your videos as well as comment on other videos related to your niche. It will certainly reciprocate more subscribers and viewers to your YouTube channel.

C. Through Niche Blogs

You can also share your videos in a blog belonging to your niche. You can post your comments on articles related to your video and provide a link of your video in your signature. Hence such an act will give two cutting edge advantages:-

Now, how often should you post? You can post your comments on 20 blogs per week. It will serve the purpose.

D. Through Reddit

Reddit is majorly known for its appropriate content about anything under the sun. Hence, Reddit is a great place where you acquire great views if you qualify its terms and conditions.

It has many subreddits (sub categories) that cherish content with great value. You can post your content according to your niche and this tip will surely yield more views for you.

E. Various Communities

There are various communities (almost for every niche) that will accept your videos.

What Sort Of Videos Should You Create

There are three area that have good searches on YouTube. They are:-

Well, I recommend using education to create videos.

Note:- The ideal length of a video is 3 to 5 minutes but it totally depends on the content. Hence, if a video needs to be long to be educative, it can be made lengthy to serve the purpose.

Use Keywords In Your Title

If there is a competition for a video you are going to post, you need to make sure that your video title is keyword optimized. How do you do that?

Use Google keyword planner to search for keywords that have medium searches (100-1k) and low competition in a month. Introduce those keywords in your title and description.

Have a strategy that works for long term and you will be securing your video ranks on YouTube for a long time. Include your exclusive audience, backlink your videos and have a plan for sharing your videos that keep your videos visible on Google and YouTube for at least 6 months.