Ultimate list of 118+ SEO facts that will transform your strategy in 2021

It is 2021, the pandemic still seems far from over, cryptocurrencies are rivaling against fiat, companies are getting comfortable with the work-from-home culture and technological advancements are witnessing greater heights. Amidst all such things happening around us, does invest in at least a decade-old technique like SEO still make sense?

The straightforward answer to an SEO strategy is, YES!

If you’re still being cynical about it, then keep reading. But remember, this post is NOT going to convince you to like SEO!

Rather, we will talk in the lines of DATA, the currency of modern industries. You’ll find a curated list of SEO-related stats and facts backed by data. These SEO stats were the outcome of a rigorous market study by reputed industry researchers. Hence, the primary objective of this post is to help you make a conscious decision regarding your SEO strategy 2021.

Search Engine, SERP & SEO Statistics

  1. 70% of the buyers’ journey begins from the SERPs (Brightedge)
  2. Remember the 2nd page of SERP? Just gets about 6% of clicks. Like they say, the right place to hide a body! (Hubspot)
  3. An average internet user performs 1095 to 1460 searches every year (Hubspot)
  4. In 2021 (till date), Google dominates 70% of all global desktop search traffic, next Baidu – 13%, Bing – 12%, lastly Yahoo – 2%  (Netmarketshare)
  5. Search engine initiates 68% of the online journey (BrightEdge)
  6. Microsoft Bing dominates just 2.75% of the global search engine market (StatCounter)
  7. Google received 62 Billion visits this year (Oberlo)
  8. Google fires 3.5 Billion searches every day (Internet Live Stats)
  9. Google search, Images, and Maps combined, sources 92.96% of global traffic (Sparktoro)
  10. Google search initiated 46% of product searches (Oberlo)
  11. 50% of searches by users end up receiving no clicks at all (Oberlo)
  12. ~60% of the pages within the top 10 ranks on a Google are at least 3 years old (Aarnasyatems)
  13. Google’s ranking algorithm changes more than 500 times/year (Wikipedia)
    General SEO Strategy, Organic Traffic, and SEO Statistics
  14. Relevant searches can influence 39% of purchasers (Think With Google)
  15. 360 billion searches for 2021 already. Google wins it all! (Internet Live Stats)
  16. Google receives 15% new daily searches out of the billions of searches occurring every day (Google)
  17. Last year, we saw 55% Mobile Traffic from worldwide & 42% from desktop (StatCounter)
  18. 40 percent of your company’s revenue can come from organic traffic. Best SEO strategies 2021 should revolve around organic traffic (Semgeeks)
  19. Organic comprises 53% of web traffic of trackable sites (Brightedge) web traffic
  1. Organic search most of the time starts a discovery process and hence is also the largest channel at 44.6%  driving revenue results (Brightedge)
  2. Based on a CTR data analysis across ~1M pages and more than 5M search queries, it is inferred that the #1 result in Google’s organic search results has an average CTR of 31.7% (Backlinko)organic CTR
  3. As per a report by Forbes, SEO services expenditure by US firms exceeded $80 Billion (99firms)
  4. SEO as an active investment is acknowledged by about 64% of marketers (Hubspot)
  5. Organic wins over social media by directing 300% -more traffic to websites (Aarnasystems)
  6. Combining organic SEO and PPC ads result in 25% more clicks and a 27% increase in profits (99firms)
  7. Barely 5.7% of those newly published web pages will appear on Google Top 10 within a year (Ahrefs)SEO stats 2021 for Mobile
  8. Mobile phones drive 52% of all global website traffic (Statista)
  9. 40% of people search using a smartphone (Backlinko)
  10. On average 62% of site traffic comes from mobile (BrightEdge)
  11. 85 percent of SEOs reported the importance of measuring rank across mobile devices will rise (Brightedge)
  12. 61% of Google searches originate from mobile devices (99firms)
  13. On avg, Google shows 8.5 organic mobile search results on its 1st page (Searchmetrics)
  14. Almost 25% of companies keep mobile optimization on priority (Hubspot)
  15. New services or products were discovered by 51% of smartphone users while searching on their smartphones (Google)
  16. On average, position #1 on mobile SERP brings 27.7% of the clicks, and 19.3% clicks on desktop (Seoclarity)
  17. In an exploratory search phase, almost 9 out of 10 smartphone users don’t have any specific brand on their mind (Google)
  18. Mobile search query “product reviews” have grown over 35% in the past two years as per SEO statistics (Google)Local SEO Statistic
  19. Location-specific searches account for 30% of all mobile searches (Google)
  20. 28% of ‘Nearby’ searches for something result in a purchase (Google)
  21. 54% of smartphone users look up for operating business hours (Google)
  22. 53% of mobile users search for map directions to a nearby local store (Google)
  23. 76% of people searching for a local business visit within 24 hours (Backlinko)
  24. 53% reported that measuring search rank in local search markets will start gaining prominence (Brightedge)
  25. The local business comprises 46% of Google searches (Bluecactus)
  26. 97% of people discover information about a local company online (Seotribunal)
  27. Reports suggest that mobile devices alone will influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales by 2021 (Seoexpertbrad)
  28. A humongous 9916% increase in incremental mobile revenue is possible by leveraging location-based coupons on mobile devices (Wordstream)
  29. Businesses on the 1st page of local SERP gets picked up by 92% of searchers (Seoexpertbrad)
  30. Geo-customized ads are preferred by 72% of desktop or tablet users (Google)
  31. 67% of smartphone users want Geo-local ads (Google)Voice Search SEO Strategy 2021
  32. Featured snippet powers 40.7% of all voice search answers (Backlinko)
  33. 29 words: The length of a typical voice search result (Backlinko)
  34. 48% of searchers are using voice for their casual web searches (Searchengineland)
  35. 20% of total searches made are voice searches (Backlinko)
  36. In 2021, voice search will exceed all searches by 50% to be one of the Best SEO strategies 2021 (WebFX)
  37. More than 50% of searches made in 2020 were voice- and image-based searches (Techjury)
  38. Of all mobile searches, voice queries tend to be around 30% (Brightedge)
  39. 2312 words: The average word count of a voice SERP (Impactplus)
  40. Voice or Screenless web browsing is 30% of the total web browsing made (Gartner)
  41. Voice search is performed by 52% of people while driving. Not safe! (Socialmediatoday)
  42. A set of 25 KWs are known to trigger ~20% of all voice search queries (Seoclarity)
  43. Voice search results load 52% faster than regular search (Backlinko)
  44. Siri with a userbase of 48.4%, leads voice assistant market share (99firms)

    SEO Stats on Efficiency
  45. 70-80% of users go for the organic results and ignore the paid ads (Backlinko)
  46. 61% of B2B marketers generate more leads using SEO than any other marketing initiative (Hubspot)
  47. 70% of online marketers vouch for SEO than PPC for conversions (Hubspot)
  48. 75% of people only scrolls within 1st page of the search engines (Hubspot)
  49. Renewing & reposting old blog posts might increase organic traffic as much as 113% (Seotribunal)
  50. Technical SEO ROI is ~ 117% in 6 months (Aarnasystems)

    Video SEO Stats
  51. 14 minutes, 50 seconds is the avg length of a 1st page YouTube video (Backlinko)YouTube video stats
  52. 62% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers prefers visual search (Businesswire)
  53. In the last couple of years, “Best” + “right now” mobile queries performed over 125% (Impactplus)
  54. There is a 50times more chance for a video to get a better organic ranking and beat plain text results (Impactplus)
  55. YouTube witnesses over 1 billion watch-hours every day (YouTube)
  56. The top 3 channels for Video content distribution are 85% for websites, 84% social media, and 67% on YouTube (Vidyard)
  57. Out of all the videos on the first page of YouTube 68.2% is comprised of HD only (Backlinko)
  58. Facebook sees 500 million people watching videos on the platform (Neilpatel)
  59. Photo post on Facebook receives 73% lesser engagement than video posts (Buzzsumo)
  60. The ideal length for a video ad is 6-10 seconds, else these are mostly skipped (Designshack)
  61. For better ROI, 52% of marketers believe video is the right content type (Hubspot)
  62. Video posts win more backlinks and enjoy a 157% boost in search traffic (Searchenginepeople)
  63. Watching a video over gliding through a huge pile of text is the choice for 59% of the executives (Wordstream)

    SEO Stats for Keywords
  64. Only the top 3 results on the SERP attracts 75% of clicks (Backlinko)
  65. SEO emphasizes the increasing importance (78%) of bucketing pages as per business units or sections just as keywords are grouped (Brightedge)
  66. Keywords impact on businesses is about 90% (Brightedge)
  67. The 1st ranking page in the organic result is 10 times more likely to get clicked than a page in the 10th spot (Backlinko)organic result stats
  68. A keyword has an avg. CPC of $0.61 (Hubspot)
  69. Organic CTR for ranks 7 to 10 is effectively the same. Therefore, to get visible results a page has to try for the top spots (Backlinko)
  70. Considering the top half ranks on the SERP, moving up 1 spot within those ranks will increase CTR by 30.8% on average (Backlinko)
  71. To achieve the best CTR for title Tags, the character count should be between 15 to 40 (Backlinko)
  72. URLs with targeted keywords have a 45% higher CTR (Backlinko)
  73. Emotional & sentimental words in the titles may improve CTR by approximately 7% (Backlinko)
  74. Titles with questions (why, how, what, etc.) had a 14.1% higher CTR (Backlinko)CTR facts 2021
  75. 7% of search queries that contain 4 or more words get more search volume (Ahrefs)keyword length facts 2021
  76. Moving Up 1 Position within the top segment of the SERP increases CTR By 30.8% (Backlinko)
  77. 67% of all searches are occurring around 0.16% of the most popular KWs (Ahrefs)
  78. ~8% of search queries are expressed as questions (Moz)
  79. “Facebook” was the most popular KW on Google (Oberlo)

    SEO Stats for Content
  80. 93% of SEOs expressed interest to increase spending by at least 10% if they knew about the content type that drives high engagement (Brightedge)
  81. 70% of writers are keen to optimize content while authoring (Brightedge)
  82. Featured snippets are part of 12.29% of search queries (Ahrefs)
  83. 57% of executives believe in on-page content development (Contentmarketinginstitute)
  84. The average word count of the top position Google article were 2,416 words (Sweor)
  85. 9% of search queries on Google returns an image in results (Impactplus)
  86. Long content >3000 words attain 77.2% more links than shorter posts <1000 words (Backlinko)
  87. 72% of marketing experts believe that relevant SEO campaign triumphs (Safaridigital)
  88. 97% of results on the 1st SERP have at least one image on the landing page (Seotribunal)
  89. Sites with blog posts get 434% more indexed pages (Hubspot)
  90. List/bullet-style articles are considered more readable by users (Moz)

    SEO Stats for Link Building
  91. 6% of well-performing domains have reciprocal links i.e. backlinks (Ahrefs)
  92. 24% of pages don’t have a single backlink and are missing out on extra SEO juice (Impactplus)
  93. 94% of the global content gets NO external links (Backlinko)
  94. Multiple backlinks are received by just 2.2% of the published content (Backlinko)
  95. In a study examining 100,000 random blogs, around 75% had 0 external links (Moz)
  96. 90% of marketers try to acquire backlinks by leveraging content pieces as their primary method (Userp)
  97. 51% of marketers say that the link-building tree bears its fruits within 1-3 months (Aira)
  98. 30% of the overall page score in Google is powered by good quality backlinks (Quicksprout)
  99. The average cost of a low-authority link is $150 per link whereas $1000for  a high-authority link (Seigemedia)
  100. The top positioned pages of Google SERP has over 35K backlinks (Seigemedia)

All these SEO statistics scream out loud to signify the importance of SEO strategy for any business, any day.  Hope this post will help you to make your decision on SEO strategy and create the best SEO strategies for your requirement.

You should also know that, in our watch, we have observed that all these fat stacks of statistical data turned out to be pet peeves to most of our clients. Not only they had massive attacks of FOMO but they thought they were late to the party. But hey, we kept our cool and managed to bring them up to speed and that improved their overall statistics too. Isn’t that great?

Therefore, we would also like you to explore our data-backed SEO services and take your business metrics to a new high!

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