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80% of NGOs globally struggle with financial sustainability.

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He bridgespan group
A non-profit organization struggling to sustain itself cannot spend money on a digital presence. And that is where we come into the scenario.
A well-crafted website can amplify its impact, extend its reach, and facilitate meaningful connections with supporters, donors, and volunteers. Recognizing NGOs' vital role in shaping a better society, we have launched the Viralchilly NGO Website Initiative.
A well-designed website can amplify the reach and give an NGO the exposure it deserves.
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Empower your cause with ViralChilly.

We Are Empowering NGOs with Digital Presence.
In our endeavour to give back to the community, ViralChilly offers a completely "free of cost" website development for certain businesses/institutions.
NGOs of any nature
Religious institutions like Churches, Temples, etc.
Any medical institution or individual helping patients at no or minimal costs.
Publications that run on non-profit.
Orphanages, Animal shelters, and old age homes that are either registered or unregistered. ( We will internally review the institution, though.
With the recent advancements in technology, it has become evident that if you do not have a digital presence, you do not exist. While businesses are keen and very aggressive in flourishing their online presence, this is where it gets hard for NGOs.
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