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A Journey from 390 visitors to 4100 visitors per month within one year.


At Homeschool-Teachers.com, commitment to personalized education goes beyond the ordinary. Licensed K-12 teachers provide dedicated 1-On-1 learning sessions, ensuring each student receives individualized attention for optimal academic growth. Our educators address unique learning needs, reinforce foundational concepts, and explore advanced topics, guiding students on a tailored educational journey. Experience the transformative advantages of personalized learning with our team of passionate and qualified educators at Homeschool-Teachers.com. Your child's educational success is our priority.
What They Wanted:


When Pete came to us for SEO help, he had a straightforward goal: to make his website more visible online and increase sales.
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What challenges we faced:

What challenges we faced:
When homeschooling came to us, we had clear goals: make our website more popular, get better keyword rankings, and bring in more people without ads. But there was a challenge – we had to start everything from scratch because our web pages weren't ready when we began. Despite this challenge, we wanted good changes in the first few months.
Here's the thing: we're in a tough competition. Despite that, our main focus was to get more people interested right after we launched our new pages. It's like starting a race with a new track and hoping to hear people cheering for us at the starting line!
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How we helped mobilo:


We started by finding the best words people use to search, like "online tutoring for kindergarten" or "tutors for kindergarten."
We focused on on-page improvements, explored new content ideas, and implemented technical changes to increase organic and direct traffic while providing a better user experience.
Suggested making separate pages for each grade, from kindergarten to grade 12, so we can use even more specific words.
Not only this, but we also continuously create high-quality contextual links and post them on websites that have high DR, DA, and organic traffic.
Also created many supporting links (Citations, blog comments, quora submissions & video creations) on a monthly basis.
SEO Facts

What we achieved:

What we achieved:
Their Domain Rating (DR) experienced a significant uplift, showing an improvement of 3.9 points within a span of one year. This positive growth in DR reflected the strategies that enhanced the authority and credibility of their website.
They successfully secured a total of 641 high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, which resulted in a substantial boost in their website's credibility and trustworthiness.
Over the past year, the website has achieved notable progress by gaining rankings on 145 new keywords. It resulted in expanding their online visibility and capturing the attention of a broader audience.
And till date, we are witnessing a constant growth in traffic as.
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Let’s take the first step. We’re ready.

Let’s take the first step. We’re ready.

Ready to see the difference we can make to your online presence?

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